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I’m a Contractor. What Should I Expect from Westcoast Moulding?

I’m a Contractor. What Should I Expect from Westcoast Moulding?

Expect to reach us promptly: Your time is important to you, so it’s important to us. When you contact your project’s dedicated Westcoast Moulding representative, you’ll either be put through right away or we’ll get back to you right away.

Expect to get the job done: When you ask us for something, we take it seriously. You are, after all, our preferred client. You’ll get what you asked for, or your Westcoast Moulding representative will find you something that works out even better.

Expect a great price for the quality: Material and labour costs add up, and so does your overhead. Your Westcoast Moulding representative works with you to find the most cost effective, quality home finishing materials for your money, retail or wholesale, so that everyone goes home happy. And that includes great deals on shipping costs, as well as an extensive product selection to choose from.

Expect us to know what we’re doing: Get more than you pay for. We’ve been working with home builders, architects, designers and homeowners for more than twenty years to find quality home finishing solutions for everything from multi-home projects, to high end individual home builds. Your Westcoast Moulding representative isn’t just your supplier; we’re a business partner that can anticipate your project sourcing needs and deliver on budget and on time, every time. Use us for your next home building or home finishing project. Email us today or visit the Westcoast Moulding and Millwork showroom to speak to one of our representatives.

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